"How to Claim Your Share of the Australian Government Stimulus Package So Your Health Business Survives Coronavirus"

with Paul Wright and Jackson Millan

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In the FREE Online Presentation You Will Discover

-    How to access cash at zero interest to survive any cash flow drought by using the Australian Tax Office as a bank
-    How to get a 3 year loan with a 6 month payment holiday, 50% guaranteed by the Government, you can use to navigate the Coronavirus crisis.
-    How to receive a credit from the ATO for PAYG but the mistake you need to avoid so you don’t miss out or even worse , get audited.
-    Why there are only 3 types of businesses and how to make sure you are the one who survives and thrives following the crisis.

-    How to get $10,000 TAX FREE from the Government to assist you through the difficult time – BUT why you should think twice before accepting this handout.
-    The most important step all health business owners MUST do now to make sure you don’t miss out on all the Government support you are entitled to.
-    Exactly who should access their Superannuation to help their cash flow crisis but why this can cost you over $300k in lost income.
-    What health business owners can do to secure a rent free period from even the stingiest landlord (based on a little know strategy many landlords can use to continue their tenancy income).
-    How Gerry Harvey lost $400k saying he tried to “catch a falling knife” and the lesson for all health business owners from the founder of Harvey Norman.
-    How to navigate Jobkeeper so you make the most of this time to build your business post virus and come out of this crisis bigger and better than ever.
-    The “7 Step Recession Proof Action Plan” and how to use this blueprint to navigate your way out of the Coronavirus crisis.


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